The Orange County Bankruptcy Forum now offers sponsorship opportunities for the balance of 2017 and all of 2018. As you know, the OCBF is a non-profit organization that has provided services and education to its members and the legal community of the Greater Southern California area for more than 25 years. The OCBF thrives and grows based on the support of its members and the community of practitioners and professionals it serves. The OCBF offers this unique opportunity to support the OCBF and increase your exposure to the community of professionals the OCBF serves.

Being an OCBF sponsor means your firm will receive exposure to all OCBF members, on all program invitations, on a prominent display board at the programs, on the OCBF’s website, and across other media platforms. As a sponsor, you will be recognized at all OCBF programs, including but not limited to our annual Holiday Party and Judges’ Night. In addition to these annual programs, the OCBF regularly hosts programs throughout the year on interesting topics with exciting panelists, including judges, practitioners, and other professionals atop their respective industries.

Our current sponsorship opportunities for recognition at all programs include:




Payment can be made online via our webstore or mailed to:

Orange County Bankruptcy Forum
6789 Quail Hill Parkway, #204
Irvine, CA 92603

David A. Wood, Marshack Hays
President of OCBF