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Logos ASYMCA and OCBFDear OCBF Members and Friends:

We are proud to announce that the OCBF and the Armed Services YMCA at Camp Pendleton (“ASYMCA”) are once again partnering to support our young enlisted Marine and Navy service members and their families based at Camp Pendleton by fulfilling their holiday wishes of their children receiving a bike.

Since 2005, the ASYMCA has given bicycles to deserving, junior enlisted service members and their families.  Because the ASYMCA does not receive federal funding and must rely on the local community for support, the OCBF has supported the bike giveaway effort since 2006.  A tax-deductible donation of just $50 buys a child a new bike and helmet.  This year you will also have the option to earmark your contribution to ASYMCA’s “Holiday Food & Toys.”

With OCBF assistance last year, over 320 bikes were delivered to needy members of our military family at Camp Pendleton and other bases.  This achievement is the result of your support.  With the recent changes in the tax laws that have limited the use of itemized deductions, “donor fatigue” from natural disasters, and new troop deployments into war zones, there is a shortage of funding.  Moreover, supporting our troops isn’t as popular within the community at large as it once was.  The OCBF has again agreed to assist to make sure that these critical programs continue.  We would like to ensure a minimum of 400 bikes are available this holiday season and we will hopefully be able to exceed that minimum.

To achieve our goal, we are asking that each member make a tax-deductible contribution to the ASYMCA.  Donations can either be made by a check payable to “Armed Services YMCA,” with “OCBF Bike Giveaway” or “OCBF Holiday Food & Toys” written in the memo section or can be made on-line at  Checks should be mailed to the OCBF, 6789 Quail Hill Parkway, # 204, Irvine, California 92603. Please have your donations arrive by December 1, 2019 so that the funding can be available for bike purchases. For many of the junior enlisted and their families living in the high cost area of Southern California, a bike is out of their reach, so your contribution to the event will be a very significant gift.

Thank you for your kindness and making this holiday season a brighter one for our Marines, Sailors and their families.

Very truly yours,

Ryan O’Dea
President, OCBF

John E. Ryan
Member, ASYMCA
Board of Management

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Please read the below and consider giving. Best wishes during this holiday season from the OCBF.

Did you know … that last year, 25,000 Marines deployed from Camp Pendleton and of those Marines who were deployed they left 15,000 dependent family members at home.

Did you know … there are 43,000 active duty and approximately 36,300 family members that live or work on Camp Pendleton.

Did you know … that most enlisted service members are in their late teens or early 20’s, are married, and nearly half have children. Their basic take home military pay has their family living at or below the poverty level.

Did you know … the cost of living in southern California is 30% higher than in the rest of the country.

Did you know … that 66% of Marines are 25 or younger.

Did you know … the Armed Services YMCA served over 50,941 active duty and family members in 2018.

Did you know … as a result of your past generosity, over 320 bikes were given out in 2018 to military children living at Camp Pendleton making their holiday special.

Did you know … 565 military families were served by the Armed Services YMCA in the Christmas holiday programs in 2018 supporting over 1,740 family members. The Armed Services YMCA also supported six Camp Pendleton Military Unit holiday parties serving an additional 600 military children.